Anne Hathaway Gets Happy as Judy Garland

Oscars ArrivalsOne of the incidental pleasures of this year’s Oscar ceremony was learning that Anne Hathaway can sing. Now it looks like the rising star will have a chance to show off both her acting chops and powerful set of lungs. Cinematical reports that Hathaway will star in both a film and possible stage show about the life of Judy Garland.

The announcement came after The Weinstein Co. purchased the stage and screen rights to Gerald Clarke’s biography Get Happy! The Life of Judy Garland. Garland is infamous for her “I’m only smiling on the outside” life. Groomed as a star from childhood, she found fame with Mickey Rooney in the Andy Hardy movies, was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, then became a by-word for tragedy through a very public disintegration. Hooked on diet drugs and booze, she made occasional phoenix-like comebacks in stage shows. She also became one of the first modern gay icons … Her death is often given as an indirect cause of the 1969 Stonewall riots.

Hathaway knows a little of the territory. She became a teenage star with the success of the Princess Diary movies, then made drastic left turn in her career by flashing her breasts in Brokeback Mountain. (She also acted a little in the film.) While The Devil Wears Prada proved her bankability and Rachel Getting Married was a revelation of her acting ability, she also enjoys a personal life at least as complicated as Garland’s. In 2008, her developer boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was arrested in fraud charges.

Will this work? Well, it’s the Weinsteins, which is always a crap shoot. Playing a real person is a danger for an actor. While everyone admires the impersonation, sometimes it can seem like the only decent performance that actor ever gave (we’re thinking about you, Jamie Foxx.) Hathaway’s track record is good enough to suggest Garland won’t haunt her to the grave. And as her onstage Oscar partner Hugh Jackman showed in The Boy from Oz, there’s nothing like a little Broadway razzle dazzle to make people forget stuff like Deception.

And Mickey Rooney? Elijah Wood owns that part.

Most of it’s unwatchable, but Hathaway’s turn begins about four minutes in.

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