Could Star Trek Boldly Go Back to TV?

star-trekIf you know Squally, then you’ll know that your blogger has yet to sit through an entire episode of Star Trek. There always seemed to be a second-act stretch when suddenly a nap seemed like a more beneficial option. With J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: The Gossip Girl Generation ready to pop off the starting blocks, James Hibberd speculates that a blockbuster flick could lead to a similar resurrection for the TV show. The galaxies are definitely aligned–a new, hornier Trekwould be a perfect program for CBS or its CW affiliate, and Abrams has a nice sideline in cooking up spicy TV series. Hibberd had us up until this point:

“Paramount and CBS get along like the Hatfields and McCoys (or Spock and McCoy, if you prefer). Though CBS owns the TV rights, Paramount is presumably involved in any Trek-related movement while their movie is at bat.”

Oh yeah, those guys hate each other like poison. Hibberd also notes Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan‘s nixing of The Graysons spin-off and the fact that TV can be slow to turn a profit as reasons why the USS Enterprise may stick to soaring across IMAX screens. Our bet: Star Trekwill be reborn on the boob tube, but only after a cinematic trilogy has been completed. We’ll see … sometime in Stardate 2020.

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