Kevin MacDonald on the State of State of Play

state-of-playState of Play director Kevin MacDonald is interviewed on his home territory of Scotland, which allows him to get a few digs in at Brad Pitt, the star who walked out of the political thriller.

Kevin said: “In a way, I was lucky it didn’t work out with Brad.

“The relationship between the journalist and the politician was meant to be between somebody who feels inferior, who’s a bit of a schlump, who kind of can’t get a girlfriend, and somebody he’s looking up to and admires – his polished politician friend.

“That is not the dynamic of Brad Pitt.

“He’s not looking up to anyone thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I could have your girlfriend.'”

Russell Crowe stepped into the breech, and MacDonald couldn’t be happier. “I think he is the only A-list movie star who has no vanity,” the Oscar-winning director says, although we can think of at least one hotel clerk who would disagree with him. He also talks about how a trip to Argentina got him started on a career that resulted in films like One Day in September and The Last King of Scotland. Next up for MacDonald is Eagle of the Ninth. The film is a low-budg Roman epic from Rosemary Sutcliff’s young adult novel that deals with similar material (feral legionnaires) to Neil Marshall‘s forthcoming Centurion. State of Play opens on April 17.

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One Response to “Kevin MacDonald on the State of State of Play”

  1. The Slate: Steve Carell is Drinking, Playing, F@#king « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] Kevin MacDonald’s The Eagle of the Ninth is finding some centurions to strap on their sandals. Billy Elliott’s Jamie Bell will co-star in the story of a Roman warrior and his Celtic sidekick searching for a legion stranded in the Highlands. Channing Tatum is negotiating to join Bell as the one not smeared in wode. Here’s hoping whoever adapts adapting Rosemary Sutcliff ’s book for the screen will throw in a reel or two. (Variety) […]

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