Tribeca Trailers: From American Casino to Easy Virtue

Many are nursing St. Patrick’s hangovers at the moment, so when better to take a sample of the Tribeca Film Festival line-up? All day today we’ll be posting trailers from the films featured in this year’s fest, which kicks off on April 22. To begin, we’ve got a timely documentary on Wall St., a documentary about a blind child, a spot-on Blaxsploitation parody, a very grimy trailer for William Friedkin’s The Boys in the Band, a look at “business artist” Mark Kostabi, an investigation into anti-Semitism, an Oscar winner, and Kristin Scott Thomas grimacing through a Noel Coward adaptation.

American Casino (Leslie Cockburn, 2009)

The gamblers from Bear Stearns, Standard & Poor’s, and other future “I Love the 2000s” staples tell all.

There’s always more … after the jump!

Antoine (Laura Bari, 2008)

Blind since birth, Antoine interacts with the world around him through a boom microphone. For lovers of Land of Silence and Darkness.

Black Dynamite (Scott Sanders, 2008)

We liked I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, too.

The Boys in the Band (William Friedkin, 1970)

This trailer appears to date from the days of Stonewall. This in no way reflects the restored version screening at Tribeca.

City Island (Raymond De Felitta, 2009)

Clips and more on this family dramedy are available at De Felitta’s blog.

Con Artist (Michael Sladek, 2009)

A rollicking take on Mark Kostabi, an artist whose involvement usually only extended to signing his name on another’s work.

Defamation (Yoav Shamir, 2009)

“Shamir sets out to discover the realities of anti-Semitism today. His findings are both shocking and wryly funny.” Your move.

Departures (Kundo Koyama, 2009)

See what happens when Waltz with Bashir and The Class split the Oscar vote!

Easy Virtue (Stephan Elliott, 2008)

Noel Coward does the Henry James “innocents abroad” thing. Featuring costumes from Brideshead Revisited.

Coming up soon … the latest from Steven Soderbergh, one from Zentropa, and Midgets vs. Mascots!


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