Prayer of (Verbal) Ejaculation: Masao Adachi Speaks!

Heads up for fans of Japanese cinema and militancy! Nihon Cine Art has posted a long, dense conversation between Masao Adachi and Takashi Sakai.

Adachi is a director and screenwriter who has lived something of a triple life. During the 1960s, he was a presence on the Japanese experimental scene and worked with Nagisa Oshima. Then he wrote scripts for the Japanese “pinku” genre, including such sexy but socially conscious efforts as Sex Yugi/Sex Play and Yuke Yuke Nidomeno Shojo/Go Go Second Time Virgin!, the first part of which is posted above. In 1974, he joined the Japanese Red Army and went to Lebanon to work with the PLO. He revisited these experiences for his 2007 film, Yuheisha-terorisuto/Prisoner/Terrorist, about Japanese Red Army member Kozo Okamoto.

Adachi touches on his activism, the Japanese response to 1968, his attempts to smuggle his pessimism into sex films, and his work on Oshima movies like Kaette-kita Yopparai/Three Resurrected Drunkards:

“That film seeks solutions to the Korean problem that is charged to Japanese people. When we were writing the script, Oshima and Takeshi Tamura started an argument with me in the middle. Oshima had a passionate commitment to the Korean Problem. He argued that without solving it, no one could solve the problems of Asia. […] The script-writing team kept writing vigorously with the questions of Korean division from the side of the Left especially at the time of the Vietnam War. There was the famous picture, published in newspapers of the time, of the moment a Vietcong commander who had directed the Saigon general uprising was shot to death. Oshima concluded that the decisive moment this picture captured should be evaluated as the decisive moment for us. Yet this movie was supposed to be a comedy, so we worked hard together to create a fun film with a serious problematic.”

Sounds like a laugh a minute, but Adachi has interesting things to say about the intersections of politics, film and, of course, sex.


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