Nowhere Boy to get no kind of release

john-lennon1Nowhere Boy, a biopic about John Lennon’s early years directed by a Turner Prize nominee, has been picked up by The Weinstein Co. Which means the still in-production film will be re-cut, remain under-seen by discriminating audiences, and yet still somehow pick up an Oscar nomination or two. Bob ‘n’ Harv plan on dumping releasing the film at the end of ’09, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Reasons to get mad about the Boy lie both in front of and behind the camera. Playing young master Lennon is Aaron Johnson, who also has a role in the forthcoming Kick-Ass. Kristin Scott-Thomaswill carry on with her new career playing Madeas as Aunt Mimi, the relative who raised him. When his mother Julia (Anne-Marie Duff) re-enters his life, Lennon is doomed to become one of the most famous musicians the world has ever known. Should Bono turn up as a character called “Dr. Robert,” make your way to the nearest exit.

The film is the directorial debut of Sam Taylor-Wood, a YBA who has worked with Elton John, Pet Shop Boys and the Buzzcocks. She may be best known for a “filmed portrait” of David Beckham sleeping. The rumor that she was planning on repeating the trick, on with Harvey Weinstein as the subject, has been wholly invented by this blogger. Matt Greenhalgh, who kept the accents flat in the kitchen sink/dull-as-dishwater Ian Curtis biopic Control, is adapting the memoirs by John’s sister Julia Baird.


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