Il Divo to Make a Bow in New York

Il Divo
is opening in New York on April 24 … and thank God, it isn’t a four-hour documentary on the Simon Cowell-helmed popera group. The film centers on former Italian PM Giulio Andreotti and, along with Gomorra/Gomorrah, suggests that Italian film is having a vintage year. Over the course of a stormy career that began with his election to parliament in 1946, Andreotti “warned” Libya on an impending U.S. bombing, was investigated for his Mafia connections, and watched his Christian Democratic go to pieces. Among the nicknames he picked up were “Beelzebub,” “Eternity” (because of his many spells as PM), “The First Letter of the Alphabet,” “The Indecipherable,” and “God Giulio.” He is even said to have inspired The Godfather: Part III‘s Don Lucchesi.

Paolo Sorrentino‘s docudrama has drawn plenty of praise and won the Jury Prize at last year’s Cannes film festival. Here’s a sampling from the various end of year magazines:

Guido Bonsaver: “Political cinema meets Fellini meets Tarantino. And if you think the plot is far-fetched, you should follow Italian politics more closely.”

Jay Weissberg: “While Gomorrah gets all the attention, the better film, Il Divo, is marginalised as too opaque for non-Italian audiences. For those in the know, every name mentioned is like a kick in the stomach, but anyone with a sense of cinematic language will be bowled over by Paulo Sorrentino’s bold, witty and devastating critique of Italy’s deformed political landscape.”

Too opaque? We’ll see when the film opens at Lincoln Center Cinemas in April. Watch the trailer after the jump.


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2 Responses to “Il Divo to Make a Bow in New York”

  1. Mafia Throwdown at the Donatellos! « SquallyShowers Says:

    […] biopic about larger-than-life Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, who was linked to the Mafia. We got very excited about it back when considered itself a serious film blog. The Davids are awarded on May 8. After the jump, the full list of best picture nominees, with […]

  2. Mouhanad Says:

    Hi there, I saw Il Divo today. I loved it.
    I learned a lot from it.

    I hope that read my review on my blog Not sure…


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