Your Hell of Hells: Star Wars Comes to TV

star-warsIf before you didn’t know or care who Rose Byrne was, now you will . She’s the actress who has spilt some minor beans on George Lucas‘ forthcoming TV version of Star Wars. According to MTV’s Movies Blog, the actress let slip during a junket for Nicolas Cage’s latest gift to the world, Knowing, that casting for Leave It to Georgehad indeed begin. One can imagine a horde of sleepy junketeers shaking themselves back awake at the news, but to be honest, we’re not entirely sure about the volume of Eric Ditzian’s scoop.

“During the junket for the Nicolas Cage thriller “Knowing,” star Rose Byrne let slip that Team Lucas is casting a wide net for actors to join the show. “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it,” she said.”

So that “wide net” is roughly the circumference of Rose Byrne’s friends. We’d tell you who those friends are, but Rose won’t make us a buddy on her Facebook page. If you’re unimpressed by Lucas’ casting skills, Byrne doesn’t sound very excited either.

“Bryne [sic] couldn’t have been more pleased about her time working with Lucas on 2002’s Attack of the Clones. ‘My experience was wonderful,’ she said. ‘George is a great guy. I was just there for a week, standing behind Natalie [Portman] looking very demure and supportive. 95% of the fan mail I get is from Star Wars and I’ve never seen them.'”

Maybe the Australian actress is, like Woody Allen, such a perfectionist that she can’t bear to watch her own work. Or maybe one of her many friends said, “Strewth, did you see Attack of the Clones? It sucks a hard one!” Just before skipping off to an audition.

After reporting that Lucas intends for the series to focus on minor characters from the Star Wars universe without a Darth Vader in sight (we knew that Admiral Akbar figurine would fetch some big bucks one day), Ditzian at least offers some words of comfort: “it looks to be quite some time before fans will be able to catch some live-action Star Wars on the small screen.”

And what do you think, Senator Davis?

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