Jerry Lewis Rocked-Bye-a-Baby

jerry-lewisJerry Lewis has love child problems, but right now nobody’s talking. Columnist Norm Clarkereports on the silence surrounding Lewis’ Las Vegas fun-house after a DNA test suggests that Suzan Minoret is his love child. While Jerry, 82, was unwilling to participate in such a test, his legit son Gary Lewis apparently agreed. The positive results suggest that Minoret is indeed an apple that has not fallen far from the Lewis trunk. That’s good news for Minoret, who has been living in a car following a disabling accident.

Eyebrows have been raised over Gary and Suzan’s complicity–they also share a “personal manager” in Rick Saphire. “Jerry has no comment–period,” said The Nutty Professorstar/director’s flack. Saphire cautioned, “People should not read anything into Gary’s efforts on Suzan’s behalf. This was not about Jerry; it was about Suzan.” But you can read all you like into this Hullabaloo episode from 1965, where the Commander of the French Legion of Honor gets obnoxious around his son’s band The Playboys.


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