Tribeca Film Festival Gets Allen, Dick, Destitution, and Downsized!

whatever-worksThere’s been a lot of upheaval in Tribeca’s world lately. In February, we learned that Sundance’s longtime director Geoffrey Gilmore was becoming the fest’s chief creative officer, a move tantamount to learning that during the Battle of Gettysburg, George C. Meade turned up behind Confederate battle lines and saying, “Let me take care of this.” Now, Variety has unveiled this year’s line-up, and the real story is how the economic downturn has given the festival its two thumbs down.

Prepare to hear the screaming of a thousand bloggers as it’s announced that the number of media passes has been reduced! Boggle at the news that the number of films has suffered a 28% decrease! Punch your computer screen when you learn that those heartless bastards at Cadillac and Target withdrew as sponsors! And, if you’re interested in the latest releases from names like Woody Allen, Kirby Dick, and Jose Padilha, then please continue reading after the jump!

The festival opens on April 22 with Woody Allen’s Whatever Works, in which his onscreen avatar Larry David plays opposite Evan Rachel Wood. Wood told that he’s “hypocrhondriac, neurotic” and she’s “so naive that she comes across really dumb.” Yes, it’s probably another May-December wish fulfillment fantasy courtesy of the Woodster. To which we say, wait until you turn 73.

Ashghar Farhadi‘s Darbareye Elly/About Elly features in the World Narrative category. In what sounds like an Iranian spin on L’Avventura, the titular Elly goes missing during a weekend excursion to the beach. Secrets and lies are duly uncovered in a fashion that won director Farhardi (Fireworks) the Best Director gong in Berlin.

Argentine filmmaker Lucia Puenzo will show El Nino Pez/The Fish Child. Two girls from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love and decide to light out for the Paraguay with stolen money. Happiness beside Lake Ypoa proves to be elusive for these star-crossed lovers, although sweaty-palmed film critics should have a field day. Puenzo’s next project is the Stephenie Meyer vampire sequel Eclipse, which sadly will only take place in our dreams.

The Documentary section looks to be particularly rewarding. Cathy Henkel returns to the TIFF five years after her The Man Who Stole My Mother’s Face won the Documentary Feature Prize. Burning Season looks at arson in Indonesia, where deliberately set fires have been devastating the country’s rain-forests, much to the delight of palm oil companies looking for an excuse to rape the living daylights out of the ravaged land.

Before winning the Golden Bear for his quasi-fascist cop drama Tropa de Elite/Elite Squad, director Jose Padilha directed the shocking hijack doc Onibus 174/Bus 174. It’s a film which gives new meaning to the phrase “Turn up the heat.” Garapa examines hunger, Brazilian-style. Be warned: You won’t be able to witness the meaty abundance at a rodizio restaurant without puking in disgust.

And finally, cinematic troublemaker Kirby Dick looks likely to ruffle a few feather boas and kick open some closet doors with Outrage (formerly The Glass Closet). The documentary examines the disconnect between closeted politicians and the anti-LGBT legislation they support. Features Barney Frank, Larry Craig and other political scumbags coming soon to a glory hole near you …

Will any of this be as exciting as the prospect of a Singalong Yentl at the 92nd Street Y on March 13? Visit the TIFF Web site and decide for yourself.


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