Sofia Coppola: The Bag

sofia-coppola-without-bagThe Coppolas know that when Hollywood know longer winks your way, it’s time to diversify. So while Francis Ford potters around his vinyards and makes a pretty penny from grog, daughter Sofia has been designing bags and shoes for Louis Vuitton. The collection is due to hit stores sometime this month. Perhaps they’re already in stores. All I know is that if it isn’t connected in some way to the Swiss army then it’s not for me.

Sofia told WWD that she was more interested in emphasizing the quality and practicality of LV’s products then, like y’know, coming up with catwalk-ready. Just in case you were worried that she was succumbing to utter shallowness.

“I wanted a bag that I could use every day that was coming from the heritage of Louis Vuitton’s great leather goods, not connected to the fashion side of the brand,” the Lost in Translation helmer mused way back in December. “We went through a lot of prototypes but it was fun. It was always exciting to get a new one and I would try them out and add things.”
When T Magazine showed off her work, she explained some of her decisions. “I didn’t want [the bag] too slouchy or too structured and definitely not black — people wear so much black that it’s nice to have a bag that’s a different color.” I’m getting a better idea of Coppola’s creative process, no?

This guy is sold, and bear in mind it’s a woman’s bag. The distinguished satchel is a snip at £2150, but really, you can’t put a pricetag on genius. And Sofia has THREE Independent Spirit Awards, okay? Proceeds will presumably go towards feeding herself while she dreams up something not too slouchy to follow Marie Antoinette.


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