Selick and Rodriguez: To 3D or Not 3D?

coraline11Indiewire’s Matt Dentler passes on the info that Coraline animator Henry Selick will be talking to Robert Rodridguez at this year’s SXSW. The two are due to confab, with U of T film prof Charles Ramirez-Berg moderating, on Monday, March 16, beginning at 3 PM. Nope, don’t ask me where Room 16AB is … In Austin, somewhere.

As it was in the 1950s, 3D is seen as the latest gimmick to keep people off Rapidshare and in the movie theatre. But I’m not sure it’s always beneficial. Coraline in particular seemed like an ordinary stop-motion animated film which had the 3D applied afterwards. The curious effect was that the process made the puppets seem more like they had been generated with CGI than actual real-life materials. This isn’t to say that Selick/Rodriguez aren’t buzzing with ideas–or to overlook that Coraline tells its story with greater grace and wit than almost any other contemporary release. It should be something to watch the exchange.


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