Kenneth Anger: Who’s Been Rocking My Dream Boat?

Satanism keeps you young, apparently. Depending on what source you trust, Kenneth Anger is either 79 or 82 … and in his black leather jacket and West Coast tan, he’s looking pretty good. Anger was in town to celebrate the P.S. 1 retrospective of his work. He told New York magazine that he’s working on a new film, Death Dream.

“Meanwhile, Kenneth Anger — uncannily tanned and unwrinkled for an octogenarian — said he had just finished shooting a new movie as part of a series of films the Chinese government funded on the subject of dreams. ‘It’s called Death Dream,’ he said. ‘I filmed it in the Museum of Death, which is a collection that exists in Hollywood run by a friend of mine, and he let me photograph various objects like decorated Tibetan skulls.'”

Clearly nobody told the Chinese government about Anger, Mick Jagger, Donald Cammell, Jimmy Page and all the devil worshipping that was going on during the 1960s. Or maybe Anger is just working with some powerful mojo. Anyone in the Los Angeles area can check out the Museum of Death at 6031 Hollywood Blvd. or visit their uncompromising MySpace page. Anger’s P.S. 1 show runs until Sept. 14.


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