It Takes Two: Kelly Reichardt and Jon Raymond

With Old Joy and now Wendy and Lucy, director Kelly Reichardt and writer/co-scripter Jon Raymond are fast becoming the Bresson/Bernanos of the Pacific Northwest. Here she tells Time Out London how the author’s short story “Train Choir” became Wendy and Lucyand, um, vice versa:

So he wrote the short story for this film?
‘He did. Then I started working on the script, then we started shooting and then he’d do another draft of the script. Working with him definitely makes my films better. He’s a great partner. He gives me notes and comments and if we disagree on something, I get my way for the film and he gets his way for the short story. But, the idea of doing this story is that you get more depth than if you go straight to the script. He writes from a very interior point of view. He doesn’t have to think about how it’s going to look on screen. He can just plunge into someone’s mind. A “train choir” [the rumbling of trains passing In the middle distance] was something I tried to use instead of a score this time, because I didn’t want to romanticise things. A girl and her dog is dangerous territory as far as sentiment goes. We used the trains anywhere where we would have originally used a soundtrack, but having the title as “Train Choir” no longer allowed it to be a subtext. I wanted the film to be very nuts and bolts.'”

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